Senior Care Study Shows Phone Calls May Keep Loved Ones Out of Hospitals

technology advances senior care in Dallas, Texas

Keeping your elderly loved one out of the hospital may be as simple as checking in by phone. That’s what the results of a new study from Harvard University have uncovered: if at-home caregivers used a specific checklist at the end of every visit, families avoided costly and dangerous re-hospitalization. Which is wonderful news because […]

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How to Help Seniors Stay Safe in the Summer

help keep seniors safe in the summer in-home care in plano texas

It’s that time again: time to find ways to help seniors stay safe in the summer heat. Those temperatures are creeping into the 70s in Plano and the Texas sun is due to be sweltering soon. As much as the hot weather is a hassle for us, it can be doubly so for the seniors […]

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Combating Ageism: Treating Seniors with Dignity and Respect

Ageism isn't "a thing" in many Asian cultures

It shouldn’t come as a shock that research in The United States shows negative attitudes toward older individuals are far more common that positive ones. Ask anybody on the street and you’ll likely get a pretty dim view of our elderly. You might hear vaguely insulting comments about their inabilities or outright attacks on their […]

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Sleep Disorders in Seniors Can Increase the Risk of Stroke

Sleep disorders in seniors are more than just a nuisance. The results of a recent study (published in the American Heart Association’s journal Stroke) show that a decrease in the amount or quality of sleep that a senior enjoys can dramatically increase their risk of hardening of the arteries in the brain, This, in turn, […]

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