Researchers Focus on New Way to Make Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Sooner

VR tool to help Alzheimer's diagnosis

Researchers from the UK are using modern technology (and a little bit of fun) to study Alzheimer’s disease and in order to make the diagnosis of this debilitating disease easier. Indeed, it’s the hope of these computer coders and cognitive experts that by using VR technology and a gaming platform that they can accumulate thousands […]

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A Healthy Appetite Fuels a Healthy Body

As we age, our appetites change. This is part of the natural process, as we become less active, we need less fuel, and as a result, the body demands less food. However, this can be a problem, as we still need to obtain the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to maintain health from this reduced food […]

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How to Manage Behavioral Changes in Dementia Home Care?

Ever wonder why when someone you love gets older, they often say things that are strange, out of character, or just hurtful? According to the research, caregivers often find emotional, verbal, or physical expression of an elderly father or mother to be completely out of character or shocking. It seems like your loved one has […]

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Regular Exercise May Be Key to Preventing Falls in the Home

falls in the home

Falls in the home are one of the leading causes of injury in the elderly population here in Texas. In fact, nationwide falls in the home are the leading contributing factor to accidental death in seniors. Indeed, every 11 seconds and elderly individual is treated for fall-related injuries in an emergency room here in The […]

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Goat Yoga?

A new take on a classic is upon us. First there was yoga; now there is Goat Yoga! Imagine, if you will, your eyes are closed, all of your focus is directed toward your breathing, you’re nearing Zen, and a baby goat jumps around you. Zen can wait; the baby goat demands attention. Goat Yoga […]

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Meditative Movement Helps Decrease Depression and Anxiety

meditative movement

One of the most common ailments afflicting elderly individuals is depression. It’s estimated that roughly 35 million Americans aged 65 or older experience depression. What’s more, many people experience depression for the first time their older years (even well into their 90s). The effects of depression on an aging individual can be devastating. Not only […]

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Caregivers Rejoice as University of Texas Invests in Aging and Longevity Research

new elderly caregivers research from UT Austin

Texas is Aging Fast By 2040, the number of Texans over the age of 65 will account for a full 1/5 (or 20%) of the state’s entire population. This growing population faces unique challenges and requires a unique set of resources—something family caregivers are all-too-familiar with. However, studies into the needs of elderly individuals had […]

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How Caregivers Can Handle Holidays with Dementia Patients

holidays with dementia

Don’t Let Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia “Ruin” Your Holiday Traditions When you’re caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia, every day can be a struggle. Balancing their needs and yours while still trying to accomplish everything that needs to be done in a day can take a toll on anyone. That stress can […]

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The Value of an In-Home Dementia Caregiver and How to Protect Them

In-Home Dementia Care is a Very Personal Struggle It can be difficult to estimate the value of an in-home dementia caregiver here in Texas because there’s not a lot of solid research in this field. However, it’s clear that the majority of this type of care given to those suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease […]

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New Film Chronicles the Power of Music Therapy for Dementia Patients

music therapy for dementia

Music Therapy for Dementia Patients is as Old as Song Music therapy for dementia patients is not a new thing. The notion that music can reach beyond the surface layers of our cognition and touch us deeply is hundreds, perhaps thousands of years old. Shamans, musicians, religious leaders, and even modern-day politicians have been using […]

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