6 Reasons Why Hiring a Home Care Agency in Texas is Better than Relying on Friends

home care agencies in Texas

When the time comes to have someone assist your loved one so they can live comfortably in their own homes, you have many choices to consider and options to evaluate. Unfortunately, those choices aren’t always easy to make. Do you hire a professional home care service provider from a local agency in Texas? Do you take the word of a trusted friend and hire a friend of theirs who works off the books in their free time?

While hiring a family friend to care for your loved one may save time, money, and make the transition to assisted living at home easier, there are a number of pitfalls you need to consider before you make that decision.

1) It’s NOT Their Job

If you’re relying on friends (or friends of friends) to take care of your elderly loved one in a volunteer or even part-time capacity, your loved one is not their top priority. These individuals may be kind-hearted and have good intentions but they also have lives, families, and problems of their own that will inevitably pop up. And how will they prioritize? Will they put their needs on hold and stay with your loved one or will they leave you hanging?

For a home care professional, your loved one’s needs are their job and top priority. Plus, when you hire an individual from an agency, if extreme circumstances do warrant their absence, there will always be another helpful individual to step in at a moment’s notice.

2) Background Checks Are Essential

Word of mouth is a wonderful way to find just about anything but just because your friend recommends an individual to take care of your elderly loved one doesn’t mean they’re the best option available. Can you be sure they’re conscientious, safe, certified? How do you even know if they have a criminal history?

When you hire a caring professional from an adult home care agency in Texas their references have already been checked, their skills tested, their history vetted. In short, you get peace of mind that the person you’re allowing into your home is who they say they are and that they’re trustworthy.

3) Caregivers Stick to Your Schedule

Many times people have to hire caregivers for their loved ones immediately after injuries. That often means caregivers must be in-home ASAP. But if you rely on a friend of a friend, they may not be available when you need them.

Professional senior home care agencies in Texas provide professional caregivers who are available whenever you need them and can often be at your door the very same day you call.

4) You Don’t Have to Cater to the Caregiver

Many times, when you hire a family friend to take care of your aging loved one, you have a relationship that extends beyond a professional capacity. You may feel obligated to pay more than their services are worth, put up with eccentricities you shouldn’t have to, or arrange your schedule around theirs to avoid embarrassment or “bad blood.”

Hiring a senior care professional in Texas allows your relationship to remain on a professional level, freeing you from the potential embarrassment or frustration.

5) You Get what You Pay for

When you hire a professional home care service provider in Texas to assist your elderly loved one, you know you’re getting someone with the skills required to give your family member the best care possible. These individuals are tested, trained, and (in many cases) certified far above and beyond family friends. Sometimes that training—those instincts honed over years of service—are all that stand between your loved one and tragedy.

6)  You Don’t Have to Be “The Boss”

When you hire a friend (or a friend of the family) you legally become their boss. That might not sound like it would pose a problem but when things go wrong (which they occasionally do) you will be the one on the hook. Indeed, you assume all the risks!

  • If they don’t pay their taxes, you have to pay them.

Professional caregivers rely on the agency which employs them to take care of all the tax necessities.

  • If the caregiver gets hurt on the job, you assume the liability and may have to pay their medical expenses out of your pocket.

Home Care agencies in Texas generally have workers compensation or some other form of insurance (though it’s not a legal requirement in Texas) that will compensate injured employees so you don’t have to.

  • If the caregiver steals from your loved one, there’s not much you can do other than press criminal charges.

Agency insurance policies will often reimburse you for stolen or destroyed items with little delay. Make sure you ask if they are bonded and insured.

While you may save a little time or money by having a friend of a friend take care of your loved one, is your peace of mind really worth it?

It’s important to note that some home care agencies in Texas actually contract out their workers–hiring freelance caregivers–which means these individuals are not, legally, employees and are not necessarily covered by the benefits mentioned above. It’s important to ask if such is the case whenever you’re interviewing a potential home care agency in Texas. For your peace of mind, Second Family Home Care is bonded and insured and all their employees are actual employees and not contract workers.

Need a Home Care Professional in Texas?

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