Loss of a Senior’s Driver’s License

A senior's driver's license is their key to the world.

There often comes a time when health or mental issues make it necessary to revoke a senior’s driver’s license. But taking away those car keys or that driver’s license could have a disastrous effect on your loved one’s health. In fact, a new study at Rutgers University shows that losing the ability to drive not […]

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Live Better, Live Longer: 5 Tips for Living with Diabetes

living with diabetes

Living with diabetes doesn’t have to be hard. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in The United States. It’s estimated that just under 10% of the entire population—or about 29 million people—are living with diabetes. Over 25% of seniors 65 and older are struggling with the disease. However, new research shows that seniors with […]

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Dementia Care Professionals Combat Little Known form of Dementia

Dementia care services in Texas can help victims of Posterior Cortical Atrophy

Dementia care services in Texas and throughout The United States have been seeing an increase in individuals suffering from a little-known variation of Alzheimer’s disease called PCA. The disease, Posterior Cortical Atrophy, is likely not a new illness but one that has been recently discovered and is only now making its full presence known. While PCA […]

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Elder Care Tips: Easy Cooking for Seniors

batch cooking for seniors is an easy way to make a month's worth of meals.

Whether you’re the primary family caregiver for an elderly individual living at home or just want to spend some quality time with your aging loved one making memories and sharing stories in the kitchen, cooking for seniors is a wonderful way to brighten their day and enrich your life. However, there are a number of […]

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Learning to Live Comfortably with Arthritis

in home care in Texas can help arthritis patients live happier lives

May is National Arthritis Awareness Month—time to shine a light on this debilitating condition and give those suffering the hope and help they need to enjoy their lives to the best of their abilities–with or without in home care. The pain and inflammation of arthritis can prevent individuals from performing everyday tasks like tying their […]

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Combating Ageism: Treating Seniors with Dignity and Respect

Ageism isn't "a thing" in many Asian cultures

It shouldn’t come as a shock that research in The United States shows negative attitudes toward older individuals are far more common that positive ones. Ask anybody on the street and you’ll likely get a pretty dim view of our elderly. You might hear vaguely insulting comments about their inabilities or outright attacks on their […]

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March is Age-Related Macular Degeneration Awareness Month

Learn how to prevent age-related macular degeneration in seniors you love

Age-Related Macular Degeneration is the nation’s leading cause of vision loss—more than cataracts or glaucoma combined! It’s estimated that nearly 10 million Americans suffer from Age-Related Macular Degeneration (or AMD) and seniors are in the highest risk population. This debilitating disease progressively diminishes a victim’s central vision. Individuals slowly (or not-so-slowly) lose their ability to […]

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Senior Nutrition is an Often Overlooked (But Essential) Part of Overall Health

senior nutrition is essential for toal body health

March is National Nutrition Month and while it may be a good time for some of us to second guess the junk food we’re putting in our bodies, it’s the perfect time to address senior nutrition–a major health concern for aging individuals. Seniors have an exceptionally hard time getting the nutrients they need from the […]

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Combating Heart Disease in Seniors – February is National Heart Health Awareness Month

preventing heart disease in seniors

According to the CDC over 600 thousand people die of complications due to heart disease here in the United States every year. That’s one in every four deaths. Sadly, seniors are at much higher risk than younger individuals. Why? Because the risk of heart disease in seniors is multiplied by several health conditions that aging individuals commonly […]

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